Freezin’, rests his head on a pillow made of concrete, again [x]

Snow white version Götzeus

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Sharing this pile of happiness around! :D

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Müller has been praised for his maturity, pace, technique, awareness and positioning. He has been particularly noted for his composure; Germany manager Joachim Löw said he is “impervious to pressure” and former Bayern manager Louis Van Gaal said he has tremendous mental strength. A consistent scorer and creator of goals, he describes himself as a player who can find gaps in the opposition defence but not particularly good at dribbling or one-on-ones. Müller describes this role as Raumdeuter, a term that translates to “interpreter of space” (cf. Traumdeuter, “dream interpreter”). During 2014 World Cup, Germany manager Joachim Löw stated that Müller “is a very unorthodox player and you can’t really predict his lines of running, but he has one aim and that is ‘how can I score a goal?” [x]
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